5 Best Free PowerPoint Presentation Template Websites For You

This is a review of best free PowerPoint presentation template website for you. Highly recommended and will help you a lot in finding a great and free PowerPoint presentation template.

Free Images for PowerPoint Presentation

This article will reveal 10 best websites which offer free images for your powerpoint presentation. Check it out and get high quality pictures for your presentation.

Understanding Audience, Why It Is Important for Your Presentation

Who is your audience?

Presentation is made to be presented in front of the audience. A specific audience. Every presentation has its own specific and different audience. You need to deal with them differently.

Understanding your audience—people who will come to attend and listen to you—will help you to understand how they process the information and what they want to hear from a presentation.

What is Presentation?

You have heard many times about presentation.

But do you know what exactly presentation is?

Presentation is a form of communication. In presentation, you communicate a message in an integrated way by using voice, image, and body language.

Hovland, Janis and Kelly define communication as follows:

“The process by which an individual (the communicator) transmits stimuli (usually verbal) to modify the behavior of other individuals (the audience)”

The Best Presentation Books That Can Make You a World Class Presenter

People often ask me about what books they should read to enhance their presentation. Books that will help them to be a world class presenter. After reading so many books, I confidently recommend 9 of the best books in presentation for your reference. Learn the book and practice the lessons from these best books. Undoubtedly, […]

How to Make a Good and Convincing Presentation?

Actually, giving a presentation or speaking in front of a public is not as scary as many people imagine. As long as you prepare the presentation properly and willing to practice sufficiently, you will be a able to make a good, convincing and memorable presentation.

Here are some tips that you can use to make a convincing presentation. These tips are based on my experience in giving presentations and public speaking, as well as some presentations training I have attended.

Body Language Tips to Deliver Convincing Presentation

Giving a presentation is also about the ability to communicate to your audience. It comprises tone of voice, slides or body language.

A presentation would not be effective without the support of body language. Therefore, presenting the right body language is essential to make your presentation powerful. You must avoid using body language that contradicts your presentation.

Body language or gesture is a natural response of your body. It reflects your true feelings. If you feel nervous, anxious or unsure, these feelings will find manifestation in your body. As a good presenter, you should present your body language to your advantage by showing you are positive, open and confident.

Three World Class Speech Techniques

Obama, Al-Gore and Steve Jobs are those among the great speakers who deliver impressive speeches. They use certain techniques to deliver their presentations which grasp the audience’s attention.
You surely can do the same thing. As follows are the secret of the world’s class speech techniques. You can use these three world class techniques in your presentation:

Steve Jobs’s Presentation Techniques Revealed

This is the secret of Steve Jobs’s attractive presentation techniques. A great presentation techniques he used in the Keynote Address at The Apple World Wide Conference, Macworld and many other presentation sessions. Jobs appearance in a presentation is always expected by many people. Using a unique world-class presentation techniques, he shows us how to deliver […]