5 Simple Tips to Make a Great Presentations

The following video will explain to you 5 simple tips to make a great presentation. These excellent presentation tips is recommended by Nancy Duarte, a communication consultant who has helped Al-Gore developed his phenomenal presentation slide “The Inconvenient Truth.” Watch Nancy Duarte’s video below. This video was made with PowerPoint and used a world-class animation […]

A Multimedia Presentation from a Great Magician Marco Tempest

Marco Tempest is one of my favorite magicians. He is a Swiss magician who is not only an expert in using multimedia technology for a magic show, but also a great presenter. In TED Global 2011 presentation, Marco Tempest delivered a fascinating presentation using 3 pieces of iPod. The Magic of Truth and Lies, was […]

Steve Jobs Inspirational Speech at Stanford University

Steve Jobs delivered one of inspirational speech in 2005 at Stanford University. The speech shows us how to prepare good materials in order to give a good presentation or formal speech using simple language. Please watch the following video before reading the analysis further: