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A Multimedia Presentation from a Great Magician Marco Tempest

Marco Tempest presenting at TED Global 2011
Marco Tempest presenting at TED Global 2011

Marco Tempest is one of my favorite magicians. He is a Swiss magician who is not only an expert in using multimedia technology for a magic show, but also a great presenter.

In TED Global 2011 presentation, Marco Tempest delivered a fascinating presentation using 3 pieces of iPod.

The Magic of Truth and Lies, was the title of the presentation which got a standing applause from TED Global audience.

Let’s watch this video:

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Marco began his presentation with a story about his favorite magician Karl Germain who is capable of displaying blooming roses in front of the audience eyes.

He created some conspicuous phrases in this presentation to be the core of his presentation:


Magic is the only honest profession.

A magician promises to deceive you and he does.

A story or narration is one of the best ways to open a presentation. The reason for this is simple, everybody loves stories. Young children, teenager, adult, even older person, all like story. In this presentation Marco uses his skills as a great story-teller.



He gave the presentation with 3 iPod as the instrument to support what he is talking about. Look on how he carefully telling one story after another to generate curiosity and interest of his audience.

When he talked about lies, he took a simple example of how people lie on the phone. And to enforce his point, he used a polling result showing that men tell lies two times more than women.

He also used the saying of Sun Tzu, the great Chinese general and an expert of war strategy, “All warfare is based on deception.”

Another unique style of Marco is his capability to combine technology, games, entertainment, and magical show in his presentation.



At the end of his presentation, Marco used this statement:

“Art is a deception that creates real emotions — a lie that creates a truth. And when you give yourself over to that deception, it becomes magic.”

This is spectacular closing of technology intensive magic show and presentation by Marco Tempest. The closing sentence was chosen in such a way to summarize the contents of presentation very well.


Presentation Analysis:

Whatever tricks he used in the presentation, you would agree that he presented it very well and fascinating.

Certainly it is because of intensive and well-done preparation. A feature that made him capable of delivering his speech very well. Every sentence was pass on smoothly at the right moment.

In a “LIVE” presentation like this, there is almost no tolerance for mistakes. Marco was capable of presenting an attraction as well as appealing sentences in every part of his presentation.

So, if you want to deliver a great presentation, there is only one condition you have to follow: prepare your presentation carefully and practice a lot.

What Marco did is similar to Steve Jobs, who always practice seriously for each presentation session including when he has to give a product demonstration. With this careful preparation, no part will be missed when he presented important features of a product. Everything looks natural because of continuous practice. Finally, this will bring about a stunning appearance in a presentation.

We can learn a lot from Marco Tempest’s presentation. We don’t have to always use a slide in a presentation. You can perform a stunning presentation by demonstrating a certain skill, including magic.

What do you think?

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