Tips for creating the best presentation

About provides tips, techniques and tricks for you to deliver a world-class presentation. Written in simple language, you’ll learn how to create amazing presentation in every occasion.

All materials in this website divided into three simple categories:


1. Article

You can learn from our concise articles on how to prepare a good presentation, design an effective slide, use strong opening in your presentation, summarize your presentation using powerful closing, and learn public speaking techniques from world-class presenters.


2. Slide

Slide serves as a visual communication tool. In this category, you can learn how to design an effective and interesting slide. Forget the bullet point slide that most people made and change it into a good slide with strong design and aesthetic.


3. Video

One of the best ways to learn how to deliver a great presentation is by watching great presenters on stage. You can learn from featured videos from the world-class presenters like Steve Jobs, Al Gore, and many other great presenter.


This website is managed by Muhammad Noer, a presentation expert from Indonesia.

He completed the study from Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia, majoring in Marketing and Human Resources. After graduation, he spent a few years as teaching assistant in his university and become a business simulation trainer for students from all over Indonesia.

In 2004, he joined Unilever, one of the largest consumer goods companies in the world. Currently he take assignment as the Human Resources Business Partner for Global Customer Development organization based in Singapore. His responsibility inc talent management organization across the country to ensure that advanced, effective and dynamic. This is done in collaboration with the Human Resources Manager and other business leaders from Asia countries, Africa, Australia and parts of Europe.

He gave presentation and teach companies and organization in Indonesia.

He is also one of TEDx Jakarta 2011 speaker talking about How to Read 52 Books in a Year.

Currently, Muhammad Noer live in Singapore with his wife and five children. You can contact him via email at and Twitter @muhammadnoer

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