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How To Improving Your Career with Public Speaking Skill

What is the connection between career and public speaking? Don’t we, as employees, need to speak in front of the public and just do our tasks and job properly?

Many people think that way. But actually, the case is that public speaking skill is needed and necessary for everyone in whatever his job is. Although it’s called public speaking, it doesn’t mean that you must speak in public. Your public speaking skill is needed even if you only talk to one person, your boss for instance.

Few people realized that public speaking gives a good influence on the progression of a career. This skill is used when you must deliver a presentation before your client or boss. If you deliver the presentation successfully maybe you will get a promotion on your job. If you are applying for a new job and public speaking will need to be conducted throughout, you will need to showcase that in your resume to give you an edge when applying. You can use helpful websites like to convey that across and appear professional to your prospective employer.

Unfortunately, many people don’t think that this skill is important. Many people think that speaking is a very common thing so that they don’t think to improve it. The fact is that common speaking and public speaking are two things that are different. Public speaking needs specific abilities.

Self-confidence is one of many things that differs public speaking from common speaking. In public speaking, self-confidence is obligatory and necessary. Besides, we need to arrange a good and intelligible language for the audience.

There are also gesture, way of speaking (style), and volume we must notice while we are doing public speaking.

If you notice, people with good public speaking skill tend to have an improved career. There are some things you can do if you think you don’t master public speaking.

1. Make a Good Opening

You should know that first impression is important when you speak in front of public. Your boss and client will pay attention to what you say in the beginning of your speech especially between the first and third minute. If in the beginning you cannot give a good impression, they’ll probably not listen to your speech. That is why you should find interesting words for your opening. You can practice it with your colleagues. You can start practicing in the morning by inviting your colleagues to talk about the trending topic in the internet. If in the first time you open the conversation they pay attention to you, it means that you can give a good impression to them.

2. Notice Your Volume and Intonation

You can record your own voice to get interesting volume and intonation in your speech. Pretend that you are delivering a speech to your boss or clients. After that, play your record. If you think you have a good and proper volume and intonation, you can ask for suggestion, advice and opinion to your family of friends. Ask them how to improve your intonation.

3. Know Your Audience

Your audience is not always a crowd. It can be a single person. For example you must deliver a presentation a product to a client. This client can be represented by one single person. You still have to know your audience. You don’t need to know them personally, but from his educational background, position, or company where he works. When you know your audience, you will make a presentation that’s suitable for them easily.

4. Be Confident!

This is the most important thing. All those things that have been mentioned above will be very difficult to do if you lack self confidence. To gain a sufficient self confidence you must believe in yourself. You must believe that you are the right person to deliver that presentation in front of your boss or client. By having faith to yourself, you will trust your ability well. This grows self confidence inside yourself. Every person is gifted with the ability to talk in public. Unfortunately many people are still shy although they have ability to do so. If it dominates you, it will hamper your career.

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