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5 Things to Remember Before Doing Online Presentation

The coronavirus outbreak means many workers have to work from home. Not only must daily be done at home, but even presentations must be done from home too.

Thankfully, many applications can be used to help us make presentations online. In addition to technical support, your ability as a presenter must also be considered.

Although it looks a bit easier to present online, =a presentation is still a presentation. We have to convey it well. If this online presentation will be witnessed by the bosses, a.k.a. our superiors in the office, maybe it won’t be that easy. Of course, the presentation must be prepared as well as possible, just like in a normal presentation.

The important things to note are:

1. Make sure that the connection is good

For online presentations to work properly, they must be supported by an adequate quality internet connection (if you are not sure of your connection, check centurylink plans). So, we must ensure that the quality of our internet connection is good, to help us deliver the presentation.

We can check it with other friends, before with the bosses. In addition to a good internet connection, also make sure the equipment on your computer is sufficient to make the online presentation.

Check the speaker and the microphone. Make sure that we can deliver the presentation clearly and also hear the questions or feedback given by the audience.

2. Master the apps

Currently, there are many applications that can be used to make presentations online. Before running work from home, of course we have discussed with everyone in the office about the apps that will be used to do the conference call. Many use Skype, but many now also use Teams and Zoom. You can Visit Blog to determine which might be best for you.

If the application has been determined, we certainly have to learn it in order to use it properly, including for online presentations.

3. Convey clearly

It’s not just the presentation material that has to be clear, so that your audience in the office can understand it well. But, the delivery method must also be considered. That is, your speech and voice must also clear.

Practicing is the only way you can speak clearly. Adam Zukor, one of the directors at Microsoft said that practicing by speaking alone in front of a mirror before a presentation, is very important. Although the audience is your own reflection, but it can make you understand, whether your way of speaking is good or not.

If your own imagination already feels that your way of speaking is incomprehensible, what about the real audience?

4. Focus on the main keys

When making presentation material, think carefully about the points you want to convey. Adjust to the presentation time given, so that you can really convey the really important points.

Make sure that the points to be conveyed are the important things that your audience must know. Say it directly to the points. Just like the general presentation, the audience at work will only remember key words that they think are important.

Moreover, many applications that limit the time of use. It means, maybe our time to make an online presentation can be limited. So, think carefully about the things that will be conveyed. Make sure that these are the things that the audience really wants to hear.

4. Control your nervousness

It’s okay if you are nervous, because your audience is the bosses. Although this time we are not ‘face to face’ with them, but still, they will listen to our presentation.

Nervousness can be controlled if we have confidence. That confidence will arise if we feel confident that we can deliver a good presentation. So, even if the presentation is done online, careful preparation of the material must also be done.

In addition, even if you make a presentation from home, still prepare physically as well as possible. Take a shower and use the clothes you normally wear when you have to make a presentation at the office.

5. Watch out for distractions

When making presentations, we must ensure that we are in a place that is safe from distractions. Maybe we’ve heard that there are children or pets that ‘interrupt’ when they are doing the online meeting. Do not let it happen during an online presentation that we do.

Maybe for a moment, we can lock the room. Tell everybody in the house that we have an important meeting with superiors and cannot be disturbed for a while.

Apart from those five things, we also still have to do important things that must be done during the presentation. For example, make eye contact, pay attention to the volume and tone of our voice, have a proper background and if you don’t have one, you might want to invest in a removable wallpaper, and lastly, prepare presentation materials as well as possible.

If we do those things, then our online presentation can work well.

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