Tips for creating the best presentation

5 Simple Tips to Make a Great Presentations

The following video will explain to you 5 simple tips to make a great presentation.

These excellent presentation tips is recommended by Nancy Duarte, a communication consultant who has helped Al-Gore developed his phenomenal presentation slide “The Inconvenient Truth.”

Watch Nancy Duarte’s video below. This video was made with PowerPoint and used a world-class animation technique to create a perfect blend between the slides and presenter narration.

And here are five tips to make a great presentation:


1. Treat Your Audience as King

Your audience is a king. They come to a presentation because they need it.

Design your presentation to meet your audience needs, not just yours. Audiences want to know what is important to them. That’s why you should create a clear, simple and easy to understand presentation.


2. Spread Ideas and Move People

Audiences want to get inspiration from your presentation. They also want to benefit from your thinking. Remember, presentation is not another meeting that gets people bored. It should be able to convey meaning.

Use animation to inspire and help audience understand your message better. Encourage them to act.


3. Help Them See What You Are Saying

A picture is worth a thousand words.

When making a presentation design, ask yourself, what am I trying to communicate?

Brainstorm ideas and replace words with pictures, charts or diagrams.

Design a presentation that has a consistent appearance so that every slide will be focused on one single idea. This will help your audience easier to understand what you are saying. Don’t let their attention distracted by puzzling slides.


4. Practice Design Not Decoration

Design is different from decoration.

You are making a good design if you arrange every element consciously for specific communication objectives. Make sure that there is no picture, diagram or text, placed randomly without any purpose.

A design is very different from decoration. Decoration is only an act of adding something to decorate your slides. Unfortunately, often times it makes a presentation slide become complicated and confusing.

90% of a creative process is destructive. This means you need to reduce in order to get the essence of your message.

If you want to display a strong message, focus your statement on specific sentence that represent the main point of your presentation.

And if you want to display a powerful image, enlarge it to show its strength.


5. Cultivate Healthy Relationship

As a presenter, you are interacting with your slides and your audience. Build a good relationship with your audience and reduce your dependency on slides. Remove unnecessary text and focus on main subject.

Your slide serves as a visual communication to your audience.

Extend this function with your style of delivering the presentation. Make eye contact and use a friendly body language. This will develop trust and healthy relationships between you and your audience.

Practice a lot before you perform. Practice and repetition are very important. It will help you mastering your presentation better and cultivate healthy relationship.



Those are 5 simple tips to make a great presentation from Nancy Duarte.

Implement the tips and you will deliver amazing presentation that will be remembered by your audience.

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