5 Best Free PowerPoint Presentation Template Websites For You


You can get a consistent and professional look presentation slides by using a good presentation template.

A good template will save you a lot of time in creating and designing presentation slides.

You don’t need to create new design. Just follow the template and edit text or picture as needed.


Most PowerPoint Presentation Templates Are Outdated

Unfortunately, not all presentation templates were created with the latest visual design approach.

Simply by searching for the keyword "Presentation Templates", you will find thousands of presentation templates that you can download quickly and most of them free of charge.

The challenge is most of free templates are outdated.

However, there are some good templates, which will allow you to create presentation slides with a fresh and nice visual appearance.

You have to carefully select the right templates to make a stunning presentation.


Our Recommended Free Presentation Template Websites

Please visit the list below for trusted and good presentation template website:


1. Ppttemplate.net


This is the best free PowerPoint template website that we found. The website arrangement is user friendly. It helps a lot in finding the templates you need.


2. Fppt.com


This website contains over 700 free PowerPoint templates that you can download instantly. Amazingly, you can find a template not only based on a certain theme, but also the specific color that you want.



3. Presentationfx.com


The PowerPoint template collection from this website is limited. However, you can still find a good presentation template based on diverse theme from this website.



4. Powerpointstyles.com


This website offers more than 250 free PowerPoint presentation templates with a responsive search menu based on the keywords you are looking for.

Therefore, you don’t have to open the page one by one. This will help you to find the right template much faster.



5. Templateswise.com


With simple appearance, this website provides a complete PowerPoint presentation templates and easily searchable.

This website also provides a search menu by keywords or theme that will allow you to browse and find your ideal template.


That’s 5 free PowerPoint presentation template website that we recommend for you. I hope you will enjoy it.

Good presentation templates will enhance your credibility as a presenter. This will help you to perform the best and impress the audience.

Please share your comment for other recommendation.

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